• 3D Brass Oil Sight Glass
  • 3D Brass Oil Sight Glass
  • 3D Brass Oil Sight Glass
  • 3D Brass Oil Sight Glass
  • 3D Brass Oil Sight Glass
Model No.︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1.5 / pc
Minimum Order︰500 pc
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Product Description

3D Bulleyes oil sight glass,3D Vies oil sight glass domed oil sight gauge, domed sight glass plug, domed sights gauge, oil sight glass plugs, round observation ports, NPT sight glass windows, reservoir oil sight glass, hydraulic tank oil sight glass
Body:   Aluminum, Steel and Brass
O-Ring: Viton and NBR
Glass Thickness: 3mm
Glass Type:  Borosilicate Glass
Resist Temperature Range: -30 Celsius degrees to 200 Celsius degrees.

Pressure Range:  5-10 Bar or 0.5MPa to 1 MPa.

Connections: NPTF, NPT, UNC, UNF, Metric and BSP (G thread)

Size:M10X1, M16X1.5,M20X1.5, ,M27X1.5,M33X1.5,
G 3/8,G 1/2,G 3/4,G 1    NPT 3/8, NPT 1/2,NPT 3/4,NPT 1

MOQ: 2000 Pcs each size

Delivery time: 20 days.

Usage:  Pump, Thin-wall container, Radiator, Hydraulic reservoir, receivers, Gearboxes, Speed Reducer, Compressor and Power Transmission.

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